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  • WeldEye 5.20 released on WeldEye On Web

    5.20 brings a lot of new features as presented in the user group meeting in Oslo and in Holland in March.

  • Recent IE11 update makes IE crash with the svg editor

    A recent update (KB3038314) for IE11 (and IE9 and IE10) makes IE crash when using the svg-edit sketch tool.

    A report of the problem has been made to Microsoft but no response has been received as of now.

    A workaround for the time being is to either uninstall the update in questiong (not recommended for security reasons), or use the Chrome web browser instead.

  • Sketch tool

    As previously informed, we are phasing out support for the Java sketch tool, and we thus recommend all users to switch to the new SVG-edit sketch tool. (click title to read more)

  • WeldEye® PQ 5.8

    WeldEye PQ has now been upgraded to version 5.8. This version brings support for the EN287-1:2011 standard in addition to various other improvements.  
  • New WeldEye® On Web version

    WeldEye® on web has been upgraded to version 5.8.  

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