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  • WeldEye® PQ 5.8

    WeldEye PQ has now been upgraded to version 5.8. This version brings support for the EN287-1:2011 standard in addition to various other improvements.  
  • WeldEye and Java Update 24 issues

    Applies to WeldEye versions prior to 5.8.12. WeldEye 5.8.12 and newer does not have this problem.

    Due to a change in the latest Java update 24 and newer, WeldEye does not support the Java 1.6.0 Update 24 or newer on client computers. The best solution is to use Java Update 23 on your computer.

  • New WeldEye® On Web version

    WeldEye® on web has been upgraded to version 5.8.  

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